Glorious Day D

Hindsight F

Whole Heart E

Another In The Fire E

BP: The Passion E

AC: Good Grace D

KO: Wonder D


Spotify playlist



Dynamics + Transitions

Pre roll:

  • Come in strong and confident
  • @Tim: listen where to come in on planning centre.
  • Double hit, crash at the end and quickly hit the track for the next song.
  • Make the crash huge, don’t let it die as the intro of glorious day comes in.

Glorious Day (D)

  • (Don’t let the crash end before the intro)
  • Big intro. Similar to the outro (with the riff), then down to verse 1.
  • Play as usual.
  • Big finish on chord I

Hindsight (F)

  • (Don’t let the crash end before the intro)
  • Drums in with kick straight away. Don’t wait for the queue in the track to count us in, 
  • Everyone else follow queue.

This is a worshipful moment so swell it night and bring it back down, we’ll live space but not too much. Body language on platform key, people will do what you do so keep that in mind.

Start the track as we fade the crash. It is about 20-25 seconds. So that’s plenty.

Whole Heart (E) 6/8

  • Play as written
  • Keep down choruses down but strong as we’ve been go go go at this point.
  • The song develops fully after the bridge. Still keep it strong and confident. 💪 big push before bridge.
  • End: Down chorus with keys, acoustic and electric. Keep the click going but cut it at the end of the chorus.

Hit the track for the next song just before the vocals finish singing.

Keep it chilled but strong.

Another in the fire (E)

  • Come in with electric riff, keys + drums as it is in the track.
  • Keep dynamics high at the end.
  • Finish ultra big.
  • I will count in to go back to bridge chords.

Prayer + Praise

I’ll help navigate this.

MC Music:

Adventure of a lifetime in E. We can start with the two hits and into riff.

Electric piano for keys

The Passion (E):

We will go into the chords for the song before this. I’ll help transition.

Good Grace (D):

Chorus chords. When band los in I will help transition.

Play as is.

Wonder (D):

  • Let’s transition into this using the beat and dynamics in the chorus of the original version of wonder. (16ths in the hats and electric riff)
  • Start playing when we’re done praying for the people in our world.
  • Come in with actual beat when track kicks in.
  • Go for it in the bridge.

Finish big