Allow SVG uploads to WordPress Media Library

This function allows you to upload svg files to your wordpress media library.
You can this function to your theme’s functions file (functions.php)

function my_custom_mime_types($mimes) {
	$mimes['svg'] = 'image/svg+xml';
	return $mimes;
add_filter('upload_mimes', __NAMESPACE__ . '\\my_custom_mime_types');

Responsive Bootstrap hover dropdowns

Bootstrap 3 Responsive Hover Dropdowns
This adds hover behaviour to bootstrap’s dropdown menus using the built in ‘open’ class.
We will do it based on a responsive breakpoint.
In this example the hover behaviour should only happen if the screen is wider than 600px.
At the end we reset to the default behaviour on small screens.

        // Show menus on hover
        function hoverMenu(){
          var breakpoint = 600;
          var dropdown = $('ul.nav li.dropdown');
          if ( $(window).width() > breakpoint ){
            dropdown.hover(function() {
            }, function() {
          } else {
            // Remove hover behaviour
            dropdown.unbind( "mouseenter mouseleave" );

        //Do it!

If you use a debounce function I recommend you use it as you may not want the screen width to be calculated per pixel when the screen size changes.

        //Do it!
          debounce(hoverMenu(), 300);

Add EBS based swap to an EC2 instance

Add EBS Swap To AWS EC2 Instance
1. Create a new EBS volume of around 4-8GB and attach it to your instance.
We will assume the volume is /dev/xvdb
To check wether it is mounted use lsblk

2. If your volume is mounted, unmount it

sudo umount /dev/xvdb

3. Turn this volume into swap

sudo mkswap /dev/xvdb

4. Enable this volume as swap

sudo swapon /dev/xvdb

5. Make sure it is working as swap

swapon -s

6. Use this disk as swap if instance is restarted

sudo vim /etc/fstab

Add this:

/dev/xvdb       none    swap    sw  0       0